If you were to try and come up with your perfect tax and payroll solution, this would be it…

As an International Freelance Contractor the most important thing to you is that you get paid quickly and efficiently, which is why we offer you payment terms of just 24hrs. Yes, your money is dispatched from our account in 24hrs or less from when the payment is received by our client at the top of the chain. The contractors that use us project after project tell us that to work with us is easy.

Really easy. You’ll have your own compliance manager to take you through our transparent and concise registration process. You’ll know exactly how it’s progressing, what we’re doing and if there’s anything that you need to do. It is our extensive experience that enables us to make the process so easy, it’s also what helps us to get it right first time, every time.

But what really makes us so different?

We are the only firm that will provide a guarantee on your rate of return

This means that you will NEVER have to pay more tax or social security than originally quoted. You can learn more about our totally unique guarantee HERE

The result is that we inspire the confidence in others to stick with us time and again. One of the best things about working with us, we’re told, is that once everything is up and running we leave you alone. In much the same way that good domestic staff keep the house in perfect order without getting under your feet, we are only ever a call away.

Tailor made, bespoke solutions

Would you use a spanner to drive in a screw? Whilst screws and bolts are theoretically similar, in reality they require very different tools. It’s the same with contractors; too many solution providers treat them with a one size fits all approach. Your money is a serious business and you need a firm who see you as an individual and can give you the right tools. A firm that is a perfect fit for you. This is why, unlike many other firms, we will design a tailor made solution that is unique to you, your situation and your requirements.

Please call and speak with one of our Client Managers to find out how a bespoke solution can help you on:

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